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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Dear God, I've heard everything now.
Originally Posted by brittc89 View Post

Honestly, in your heart of hearts do you reckon that say, in your town... within 4 years suddenly you couldn't get a doctors appointment for weeks, get a space in a dental surgery, couldn't get your kids into a school, had to avoid human excrement in the street, it became unsafe to walk through your parks even in the daytime, and your town centre becomes a ghost town due to the lack of money being spent in the area (and people from neighbouring towns stopping visiting) - all because of an influx of a particular race of people - you wouldn't become a little resentful of them? You'd just accept it and embrace the new lower standard of living you now have to endure?

If you say no, then I call BS.

Don't tell me to 'grow up', I'm a very accommodating guy, but sometimes your eyes are opened when it affects you directly. I was the victim of racial hatred IN LONDON FOR BEING WHITE when I lived in a predominantly black area, yet I didn't start hating them - I moved away and left them to it. There are areas of this town that are no-go areas for white, English people now. Even the 1st generation Indian and Pakistani and West Indian migrants that live here are sick of the Nepalese that have swamped the town. I am a grown up, because I can see it for what it is.
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