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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by JohnnySomersett View Post
I am jealous of the Welsh for this very reason!

Fortunatly, in Wales, you still have a very strong sense of cultural identity and empowerment instilled from a young age. In England we are subconsciously taught that to be 'proud to be English' is to be inherently viewed as slightly racist. Ironically, the Welsh and the Scottish are horrifically racist towards the English. Hell, I saw souvenir mugs in Wales about hating the English... in plain sale in a shop! Also, there was the laughably ironic anti-racists chanting at the leader on the UKIP party to 'go back to England' after chasing him into a pub just last week!!!

We get told off for flying our flag at our homes, you are encouraged to.

I am English born and raised, (yet of split French, Dutch, Scottish and American heritage) but I am not proud to be English. Until my country gives me something to be proud of, that is unlikely to change. When the people finally grow some 'balls', vote in UKIP and proactively clean up this country under our own terms, then we'll be on our way to something. Australia have it right - if you don't like how we do things, **** off!
We are neither encouraged nor discouraged to fly the Welsh flag. I'm half English, I was born there and I've lived in England most of my life, but the sight of the Welsh flag doesn't scare me the way the English one does these days.

I don't want to be sent back. Not to England, anyway. Too parochial.
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