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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Might I also add that where I live, we are subject to a very recent influx of a particular race previously very small in the community (Nepalese). In the last 4 years our population has risen from approx 80,000 to 92'000, of which 94% of that extra 12,000 have been from Nepal. That's 1 in 9 people! Coupled with the fact that most of them are past working age and often in ill health, it has put a massive strain on the local services and economy. There is a lack of housing, school places and doctors appointments. It has had an extremely detrimental effect on the area and is the cause of a lot of unrest.

They have failed to integrate, more often than not learn none of our language, and put no money into the local economy. They spit all over the street, they defecate in the streets (we have a 4am cleanup team run by the council to clean certain 'hotspots') and their teenagers have a strange lack of value towards the locals (rapes, carrying knives, muggings). There have been many related hate crimes (from both sides!) of which none have been reported in the media, and have been actively covered up to keep tensions down.

Situations like this are breeding grounds for extremists and it is just another example of how things can come to a head very quickly, and fuels the extremist English view. Sometimes, people have good reason to be a little bit racist - it is unfortunate human nature.
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