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Default Re: Gregg Bissonette

I wanted to let you guys know that Gregg's brother Matt is a buddy of mine. Last week I played on a session with Matt on bass. I have met Gregg and his father and mother also. The entire family are down to earth amazingly nice people. I am planning on taking a few lessons with Gregg soon. His playing is clean. Very controlled and in the pocket with unlimted versatility. As far as his brother Matt, working with him as a bass player reenergised my desire to work at my chops. The father is a gifted musician and is directly responsible for lighting the ignition under his son's formitable talent. Both Matt and Gregg are to be admired for their ability to create such sustained careers in music. Gregg has said that his brother is his best friend and when they play together as members of Ringo Starr's band it is the fulfillments of many of his childhood dreams. A great family! An underrated drummer for certain.
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