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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.


Im coming close to the bone here on the forum rules, and forgive me if I transgress, but I'm trying to see DMC's point for what it is here.

( Grea is going to call me a bleeding heart liberal again, but.. ) where I agree is that I'd love to hear a liberal, moderate, modernist view from the part of the world under question here. I dont hear those voices. I dont see the people who represent the saner viewpoint anywhere. One could argue that the media doesnt find that very attractive which is why they arent visible, but somehow I think thats only partially true.

That said, the 'evil people' argument scares me to death. It has almost wiped out continents and entire races of people. It just doesnt work. The history of the world is proof. Just one small example of what the Third Riech did in Poland in1939 is probably much worse by comparision and it wasnt that long ago.

Theres got to be another way.