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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by JohnnySomersett View Post
Unfortunately, the EDL are victims of misdirected internal extremists just as much as Islam, Christianity, et al. The core of the EDL ideology is surprisingly anti-fascist if you took the time to read it with an unbiased mind and they have some core members who are of non-white origins... but there are a few idiots who appropriate the name and act in an extreme fashion - much like the idiots who blow themselves up or behead people in the street in the name of Islam. You cannot tar them all with the same brush in almost the same breath as saying you cannot judge all Islamics by the the lunatic few. The EDL is not the National Front, and they certainly are not Nazis - regardless of what a few 'members' claim to be.

No need to be scared of the English Flag, embrace it! We wouldn't be in such a mess if more people who migrate to this country just embraced the culture and adapted as is appropriate. When I visit Muslim countries (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, etc), me and my lady take care to adjust our behavior and dress to befit the country we are guests in. I expect the same of people who come to ours. Things like the Burka/Hijab, in my opinion, have no place in the UK as we oppose oppression of women, and it is culturally unacceptable to hide your face in public. I know I wouldn't be able to wear a balaclava around the town centre so why can someone wear a Burka!?!

Again, the medias 'pick-and-choose' coverage mentality molds peoples opinions without proper education.

I would urge you to read this:

Before you judge a group of people based solely popular opinion and media output (sound familiar?)

*please note, I am not a supporter of the EDL, just common sense!
Why do I feel comfortable flying the Welsh flag and singing the Welsh national anthem, in Welsh, when I am not comfortable with the English equivalents?
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