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Default Re: My favorite sticks

I use generally any 7A (as long as its round tip). I started with Vater 7A manhattan, then i went to Zildjian 7A, and now i'm at Vic Firth American Sound 7A. I pretty much just switch around between all of them. However, this is just for my practices with jazz and symphonic stuff at school.

For Drumline, i use Vic Firth Ralph Hardiman (which i notice pretty much everyone else i know uses).

At home when i practice, i use 2B Vic Firths and Vater Rock. (I just use my drumline sticks on my practice pad)

But at performances, i ALWAYS use Zildjian D.I.P. 7A wood tip

P.S. who here uses regal tip as their main sticks? i think they're alright, but im just wondering is any other people use them.
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