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Originally Posted by StickIt View Post
Polly, I am feeling solid, thanks! I enjoy living in the gray, so I have probably had a total of 10 smokes in the last 6 days. A lot better than 10 packs. BTW, tobacco w/lower nicotine levels than in standard commercial smokes, or something else entirely....or just no response I suppose is okay too :).

Steve, you are right...and right again. I quit because of the costs associated with smoking, and not the risks that it poses to my health. I am, otherwise, a naturally healthy-living person, and you would think that I would have put more stock in my health....but, my mentality has always been a little bit "here-and-now", and "to each, their own".

I am not "pro-smoking", and I'm definitely, definitely not "pro-propagandist-advertising", so I don't mean to sound like I'm championing products that have caused great harm to many wonderful people...I am not. I sympathize with those who have lost, and those who have been hurt by any number of such products. I feel SO much better without that monkey on my back. I can't explain in words how it feels to fight off an addiction. It makes you feel stronger, happier, healthier, the whole nine. Plus, and here's the best part, I can breathe's almost like a tiny miracle :)
I'm always full of admiration for people who are able to give up something they enjoy.

One of the reasons why I've never smoked is that I don't think I'd have the strength of character to give up.

I'm really glad you are reaping rewards :)
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