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Default Re: Dunnett R-4L 2011/12 Model Vs 2013 Model???

I'm also new here, have found a lot of useful information here, so thank you for the great forum!

I have a 66' Supra that has really worn butt and strainer, they don't hold snare-tension anymore so I'm looking for replacements. I know I can get a new butt from Ludwig but I'm unsure about the strainer. Is Dunnett better than P-86? Does it even fit old Supra like mine? I read this thread but I'm still a bit confused. I like really tight snares every now and then so I need a strainer that holds tension well. I don't mind the look of Dunnett, so that's no issue.

Here's a link to Thomann from where I'm most likely buying it from. Is it possible to tell if this is the new or old version?

So what do you think, Dunnett or P-86? Thanks in advance!
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