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Default Hayman "F" Sticks

I picked up an oddball pair of sticks at the local Sam Ash. They were in the bucket behind the register--you know the type. I just noticed their butts matched so I grabbed to test out some ride cymbals..

Almost immediately, I noticed these sticks were weird. They are looooong, you guys, like a good 2" longer than any other stick I've seen. Standard diameter, if slightly on the thin side. They appear to be otherwise normal sticks though. I don't think they're 'specialty' or anything. On the side, they say 'Hayman "F" Made in England'

Anyway, I practically beg the salesman to let me take them with me, which he eventually does.

When I get home, after a surprising amount of Googling, I find out that the company that made these things apparently went out of business in 1975.

Anyone know anything about these? Are they rare/valuable? (I really have no plans to sell them though.) I was thinking about contacting some drum museums but thought I would start here.

I'm also considering getting some more of these custom-fabricated! They feel really fun..thinking about Jazz applications with em.

Thanks in advance!

(I can try to post pics here later tonight if there's any interest in that.)
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