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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Ned

Age? 33

How long have you been playing? 18 years - I got roughly to the level I am now about 3 years in, and have been on one long plateau ever since...

Origin of user name? I use it for all sorts of online stuff

Your top 5 drummers? Vinnie Colaiuta, Carter Beauford, Chad Smith, Aaron Comess, Gideon Letch (in terms of influence, anyhow)

Make of drumkit? Yamaha Oak Customs

Make of cymbal? Zildjian all the way

Where do you practice? I don't - used to have V-drums set up in the spare room but we've just moved stuff around, sad times...

Are you in a band? A rock covers band that actually gigs, and a proggy band just to get stuff out of my system

Do you play covers or originals? Covers, lots of originals in the past with old bands and I miss it

What style of music? Rock for these ones, previously played drum & bass, and swing

Favourite take out food? Pizza

What country do you live in? England

One really odd fact about yourself? I'm descended from criminals - my ancestors were in the first convict fleet from England to Australia!

How did you start drumming? I saw Vinnie playing on the Sting Live in Olso gig when I was about 15, and though it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen...
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