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Default Re: About to purchase...thoughts before purchasing?

So after a week this guy finally got back to me on pricing....this was when i was interested in the Meinl Custom Extreme metal cymbals.

"So for pricing

Superstar 5pce std rrp$1995 down to $1499

Superstar 5pce custom rrp$2395 down to $1799

Superstar 6pce std rrp$2295 down to $1749

Superstar 6pce custom rrp$2695 down to $2025

and the cymbals all in stock at supplier.

cc-em480 pack rrp$749.99 down to $599

cc16emc-b 16" crash rrp$199.99 down to $160

cc18emc-b 18" china rrp$ 239.99 down to $192

cc10ems-b 10" splash rrp$109.99 down to $88"

Prices are pretty good in comparison to some other quotes I got

It's either that or just getting a cheapo secondhand one to use for now while I am learning

hows this? - 1000 negotiable...Pearl VBX-925 BIRCH....thoughts?

heres the actual add for more info..

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