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Originally Posted by con struct View Post
I was planning to go to the famous local blues bar open mic tonight, to sit on on both drums and harmonica. I've never been, the wife's away so this was going to be the night.

Then I found out that it's a smoking bar, smoking cigarettes is allowed. Now that's off-limits for people with COPD. One of the reviews said "If you don't like cigarettes, you won't like this bar." Damn! What a pity.

Even without COPD, I don't think I could have stood it. And to think that here was a time when I would have thought that was just great, allowing people to smoke in a blues bar. How foolish.

I really was looking forward to playing a little, though. It's just that I can't be around cigarettes, not anymore.
My father passed away last year, after decline in his health due to pulomary function. He developed COPD, with a little bit of emphasema and fibrosis of the lungs. He hadn't smoked since he was in his 20s, which was 60 years ago. I avoid cigarette smoke like the plague now.
"Through many dangers, toils and snares..." - Amazing Grace, third verse
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