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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Thing is, they are not evil. They believe they are fighting evil. They think we are evil. But we don't think we are.

The planet is heavily populated. People start getting in each others' way. Fights break out. Part of the fight is the one for the high moral ground to gain supporters (or at least not be hindered). It really is that simple.

What if we didn't have extremists? Is it possible not to have extremists, or for the most extreme fringes of society to be at least tolerably extreme? (say, they just blow up letterboxes instead).

Is extremism and fascism a natural tendency of humans? It appears to be like a psychological sickness that breaks out in populations every now and then - Pol Pot, Stalin, the 3rd Reich, Cultural Revolution, Taliban ... a societal illness that grows out of a despairing population.

Just goes to show how important it is to keep up good morale in the face of all these difficulties.
People who preach evil or do evil, are evil. We become what we preach and do.

I guess some of it depends on how you define evil, while knowing that we all have evil tendencies within us. Publicly calling for the beheading of those who criticize you is definitely evil, and suggests a person may be, or is becoming, predominantly evil. I have no reservations judging others by my moral code, which values democracy, tolerance, democracy, productivity, progress and free expression. I don't want to change people or convince them of the "superiority" of my values; my values work fine enough for me and others who share them in a liberal First-World democracy, so we must resist at all costs changing them. If someone disagree with that, they need to return to whence they came because, as you say, the world is becoming crowded.

You raise a valid point: The people in this photo think I am evil. Because I support the rights of women to get an education and live without the threat of being forced into marriage at age 8, or having acid thrown in their faces, or being set afire in an honor killing. Because I think homosexuals shouldn't be stoned to death. Because I think thieves should not have their hands and feet chopped off. Because I think artists should be free to create art and music that challenges the status quo. Because I think the people should select their leaders. Because I think no one should be forced to pray to any god if they choose not to. Because I believe in basic human rights. If that makes me "evil," then m eand everyone else in a liberal first-world democracy really is "evil." Grea, are you "evil" too? If so, then these people want to behead you. Or, that's what they say and maybe they're just kidding around and don't really mean what they say.

The planet is heavily populated. I am mystified, then, why people leave a familiar community and then come to a new nation and immediately want to take it backwards 1,000 years. Such people should be gently escorted back to their native lands, where they are free to repress.
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