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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Here's an example of what I'm talking about when I say evil people. Believe what they are saying:

Thing is, they are not evil. They believe they are fighting evil. They think we are evil. But we don't think we are.

The planet is heavily populated. People start getting in each others' way. Fights break out. Part of the fight is the one for the high moral ground to gain supporters (or at least not be hindered). It really is that simple.

What if we didn't have extremists? Is it possible not to have extremists, or for the most extreme fringes of society to be at least tolerably extreme? (say, they just blow up letterboxes instead).

Is extremism and fascism a natural tendency of humans? It appears to be like a psychological sickness that breaks out in populations every now and then - Pol Pot, Stalin, the 3rd Reich, Cultural Revolution, Taliban ... a societal illness that grows out of a despairing population.

Just goes to show how important it is to keep up good morale in the face of all these difficulties.