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Default Re: About to purchase...thoughts before purchasing?

Originally Posted by Aussiedrummer View Post
Okay after mannnnnnnnnnnny hours I think I am done and have picked what I will it is:

Tama Superstar SK Hyperdrive 6pce
zildjian Oriental 20''China Trash
zildjian A Custom 8''splash
zildjian A 16''Fast Crash
zildjian A 18''Fast Crash
zildjian A Custom 20''Ping Ride
zildjian 14''Newbeat Hihats

.../wipes sweat away from no more looking at cymbals, given me a headache.

What do you guys think of what I have chosen
We're all gonna throw out what we would do, but I'd say those cymbals seem like they'd work for just about anything. It's nice to hear several different examples of each and pick the best, but that's not always possible.

As far as the As, I'd make sure I get the newest version with the new big "A" on them (similar to the A Custom logo.)
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