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Default Re: best portable pedal? Pearl P-930 Demonator?

Originally Posted by strang View Post
I am looking at upgrading to a better pedal. I am currently using a pearl p100 and it's cool but it jiggles around a bit and I think I will gain something from going to a pedal with a floor plate. And would just like to treat myself to a better quality pedal all round as well : )
My main concern is that the pedal I get be quite light to carry as I'm in the process of putting together a light minimalist kit setup for busking, tube train based gigs/ jam sessions/ rehearsals whatnot.
I tried the new Pearl P-930 Demonator in a music shop and thought it was pretty cool and was surprised at how much lighter to carry it was than all the other pedals they had in stock. I think it was because it was the only one with a singe shaft / pillar (?) design.
I searched this pedal but didn't come up with much - any experiences?
Anyone else recommend an easy carry but still quality pedal?
ANy pedal with a floor plate is going to be harder to transport. I'd stick with a wire frame if you want a busking setup.
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