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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Mark
Age? 27

How long have you been playing? Music for 20 years; Drums and percussion off and on for about 15.

Origin of user name?

Your top 5 drummers? Bonzo, Bermuda, Bellson, Weinberg, Animal, and Alex Van Halen. (If I could count, you'd know I'm not really a drummer).

Make of drumkit? Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute 10,12,14, and 22. Tama Starclassic Maple 6.5x14 snare.

Make of cymbal? 14" A Zildjian quick beat hi-hats, 15" Sabian HH crash, 10" A Zildjian Splash, 20" K Zildjian ride are in the starting lineup. I have a 16" Zildjian A Custom Crash and 18" Zildjian field crash on the bench. Sounds crazy, but that field crash is an amazing crash/ride.

Where do you practice? My basement.

Are you in a band? I play concert percussion in a community band, but not current drum set gig.

Do you play covers or originals? Ideally, a mix. Or obscure covers that nobody recognizes.

What style of music? Ideally a bluesy southern rock style like the Allman Brothers or Molly Hatchett.
Favourite take out food? I'd rather cook.

What country do you live in? USA

One really odd fact about yourself? I have entered a few cake baking contests at the local county fair.

How did you start drumming? I was taking percussion lessons to join the high school band. The director sat me down at the kit for a lesson. I was hooked.
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