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Default Re: A short clip of the Sound and the Fury ;)

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Geez Bo is there no limit to your versatility? I do love your playing. Digging the unison 8th note transitions. (or are they 16th notes?) This is yet another facet of your playing that you've never shown here before. You can really turn up the intensity when it calls for it. You are a great friggin musician man, all the way around. I wish the clip was longer too. It does seem like a big space to fill without being miced. It's sounded great on the recording, I hope all that carried out into the audience. Harry should be proud to see that his former set is still bringing joy. Love your playing posts.
Thanks Larry for the kind words - I take your compliments seriously because you don't hand them out all the time ;)

Funny thing about these show choir gigs - when I started I actually got hired because I played good brushes and can embellish alot while keeping the time steady, but as the years went on and we took on this rock 'n' roll approach, I hardly ever play brushes anymore! I will work on a longer clip of maybe the whole medley so you can see the transitions we go through but yeah, 18 minutes is pretty long. Although we're not slamming it the whole time - the choir is still required to sing an a'cappella song, and we have a power ballad in the show, along with a Mary Poppins medley that ended the show (the kids have three costume changes too).

From what I understand, the parents in the front row might've thought the band was being oppressively loud, but it balances out when there's 50 kids in front of us ;) I think I may start using the hard plastic side of the beater. Those Ludwigs were the best investment for this gig.

And Aydee, the K Light Ride is a relatively thin cymbal. It feels buttery and wobbles. But it crashes great when you hit it hard enough! Part of me thinks the Paiste 24" 2002 Big Al ride might be a better choice sometimes - but from my position, there are also kids manning the props and they're stuck in their position until the prop has to move. There was a girl just to my left right in front of the ride, and I think she may be going deaf at 16 years old. There is also a spot in the show when kids are crawling behind the risers, but they end up right in front of my bass drum and the keyboard PA system - I'm sure that's probably not as enjoyable as they thought ;)
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