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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
You've missed the point, though. If you'd never heard of him, why would you care about him?
I care because of the manner in which he met his senseless death.I care because It's part of who I am.

Because of who I am,I became a police officer and had no problem with putting my life at risk,so a stranger that I never met,would live.

All first responders more or less, think like that,not just me.It's what we do,as do soldiers and sailors.

We all sign up for mostly the same reasons,and when one of us meets their demise,we show solidarity and respect for a fallen comrad in arms.

Lots of civilians feel the same way and when people are killed by some fundementalist,hatred filled humanoid:we are offended and mourn the dead as a species.The same way that other animals mourn their dead.

In every part of the globe,we as a species MUST look at this senseless murder,and collectivly more.

We must all do whatever we have to do,to bring every last one of these humanoids down.I call them humanoids because they have chosen to exist outside of the morals and laws, that all good people who behave in rational and mutually respectful,have chosen to act.

Homicide for the sake of hatred and a belief system,must come to an end.We all need to be offended and highly motivated to see these acts and way of thinking, come to an end.

Steve B