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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Depends on the crazies. Creating an interpretation of some religion to justify violence, for example, is common throughout history for evil people. If it's important to the crazies, it should be important to us.

Bigots and apologists for the crazies will blur the line between the crazies and the peaceful followers of a religion, lumping them all into one group. Rational people, committed to human rights and freedom of expression, aren't afraid to view violent religious fanaticism as a distinct thing that must be dealt with for what it is.
Yea, religion is and has always been an easy and natural weapon. Call upon people's faith, find an interpretation that makes people kill and die for their God/ their Cause and press the red button. You are right, this is an age old tactic and there's nothing remotely new about it. There's no part of the world that hasnt seen this in play at sometime or another.

My issue really is with an increasingly political media, which mutes moderate and rational voices because the crazies make much better Television, better TRPs, more advertising revenue,whatever. Perhaps in this whole Jihad-ization ( ? ) of our modern post 9 /11 lives, there aren't enough moderate voices amongst those people to start with, I dont know, Im no political expert.

I just think that a responsible media could have played an important role in bridging a greater understanding of issues in this very dangerous phase of world politics, where we sit on the brink of a war of civilizations, but it chooses to low ball it.

When you say evil people, I hope you mean a group of individuals and not race, religion or color, because the history of the world is too littered with the ethnic cleansing of so called evil people in practically every corner of the globe and has left scars that fester for many generations.


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