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Hi all,first excuse me for my poor english. I'm one of those drums sound fan who don't much care who's sitting behind drums. Important to me is the sound that the drummer produce and if it hits me or not. Anyway i must admit that the autor of the text about Manu was completely rigth about Manu ability to say his name through an instrument such as drums. It's truly difficult but Manu can do it. Here's the story. Since i'm from Croatia i listened some good stuff from local musician named Gibonni, about the same time i was much into Police and some old songs like Roxane and Message in the bottle, as allways listening those incredible drum parts of Copelands .. art.. (no name for it..) At one point i somehow start thinking that the Gibonni's drummer must be influenced by Copeland because it had something Copeland's. After looking into it i realize that Gibonni's drummer is Manu. Thats the first time i've heard of him. And later i found that Manu really played with Sting... Later i was into some Tracy Chapman old classics, realy enjoying it.. and for the first time i've heard the song Dreaming on a world (from Matters of the hart), and it sounded incredible... The drum part is so incredible.. so simple, minimalistic.. but so powefull, unpredictable and yet soft and gentle as summer wind. I've been listening the song for about year now .. allmost every day. And gues who's the drummer. Great Manu.!! So it is the true. Manu can say his name through drums.. While listening Manu's parts, you can feel positive energy, great sence of rythm, beats that come in the right place at a right time .. all at once. Truly something beautifull. If you like his work, pleas take time to listen Tracy Chapman - Dreaming on a world (studio version). And the more times you hear it - the more it will ask you to listen it again. I'm not joking..
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