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Default Re: Tama Speed Cobra problem?

Ok. I found some instructions online .

If you look up this link , loosen up screw #4 all the way. Pedal beater should fall on the board as the spring isn't involved anymore. Adjust the pedal height higher by bringing it up with the beater (forget about beater angle you'll get, you can adjust that later. (Mine is about 3.5 inches from the base board at the tip) it shouldn't touch the "cobra coil" underneath. Tighten the screw #4.
Now your beater angle should be all screwed up. Loosen screw #5 on the instructions and set your beater angle (mine is around 5 inches from the bass drum head). Then plsy with the cobra coil and spring tension.
Then do the same on the other pedal .
You can always put more/less angle on the pedal and/or beater and spring tension and see what you like.
Hope this helped.
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