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Default Re: What's your favorite Single Pedal? I need some help!

Originally Posted by PlanetShane View Post
Old school pearl lefty. Why? Because its lefty! Why else? Because after 6 years and being in a fire and hosed with water, it still make a thump. About 1 month ago I had to replace the driveshaft. I think the housefire and fact that its NEVER been oiled, may have made it wear out in less than 10 years. Another reason... the footplate is smooth and recognizes my skate shoes. Another reason: dual chain and dual spring, even on the remote pedal. Most don't bother anymore. Lastly, I can adjust the foot pad really high and it runs smooth.
Don't mean to hijack the thread here but I've always wondered about this, what difference does 2 springs on the slave pedal actually make?
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