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Default Re: About to purchase...thoughts before purchasing?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Not sure if this is even an issue, but are certain countries taxed more than others? So if you bought cymbals from the U.S., do they pay more for those than if they were made in Germany? Maybe you can get Meinl's cheaper than Zildjians? Or Sabians - they're still made in Canada? Does Australia do this?
I am noticing that I am paying sooo much freaking more for cymbals and drum kits on this australian website ( in comparison to

For instance the zildgian k custom hybrid ride is around 350 on as opposed to drummersparadise at 510....that's a big difference...same thing with the drum kits..for example they have the tama superstar hyperdrive six piece at 2199 whereas musiciansfriend has it at 1199.

Am I the only one who finds this bloody ridiculous lol?
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