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Default Re: About to purchase...thoughts before purchasing?

Anyone looking to buy cymbals from an Aussie retailer owes it to themselves to check these guys out:
They are about the cheapest I've found here in Oz. I only cross checked the New Beats, but they're $30 odd cheaper here than at Drummer Paradise. May be worth your while seeing if there are any other savings to be made as well.

Originally Posted by Aussiedrummer View Post
What do you guys think of what I have chosen
More importantly, what do YOU think?

You're being run a little ragged here mate and being given more options than you can poke a sharp stick at, so I'm not gonna add to the confusion. I'll just leave you with this. At the end of the day, you're the one who has to listen to them and you're the one that's gotta be happy with the sound. Choose sounds that YOU want to listen to every time you hit the things.....not something that pleases someone else.
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