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Default Re: About to purchase...thoughts before purchasing?

Originally Posted by Aussiedrummer View Post
I guess the zildjian A Custom 20''Ping Ride doesn't crash well I heard, its really only a one sounding ride....any good alternatives that you would consider for metal?
I have a Meinl Byzance Brilliant 20" Heavy Ride, and I think any heavy Brilliant or Traditional cymbal in the 20-22" range would do you good. It has a very nice crash when built up. The Sabian HHX Evolution ride has a really great bell and crash, but you might want to tame its wash with a little gaff tape close to the bell. I had an AAX Stadium Ride from them that also had a pretty good crash. Zildjian's K Custom Hybrid ride is a good option as well, as is the Sabian 22" AAX Omni (bright crash and a very dry ride). There's also the new AA Bash Ride from Sabian in 21" or 24" but I haven't tried one of those.

Those are all crashable options, though- in my experience, metal players often simply don't crash their ride that much and prefer it to be quite heavy so as to project the stick attack and bell better. In that case, you should look at all 4 Sabian Raw Bell Dry Rides, Meinl Mb10 and Mb20 rides, and the Zildjian A Custom Rezo and K Custom ride.
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