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Default Re: About to purchase...thoughts before purchasing?

Originally Posted by Sjogras View Post
So take your time! :) You could start off by getting a ride, one crash and some hi-hats, play them for a while and get used to the sound and eventually ask yourself, "Hm, what should I get to complement this setup? Since you're gonna play metal, I suggest getting some big cymbals, at least 18" crashes, and a 19-20" chinese. A crashable ride won't hurt either. :)

Man.. spending 2k on cymbals, I wish I was in your shoes right now haha.
Haha, yeah it's pretty exciting seeing all these different drum kits/cymbals etc.

I guess the zildjian A Custom 20''Ping Ride doesn't crash well I heard, its really only a one sounding ride....any good alternatives that you would consider for metal?
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