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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Well, now you've got me wondering. Not to be confrontational or disagreeable in any way, but I'm curious to know how the murder of this British soldier affects us all?

I think it demonstrates that terrorism isn't confined to just a few countries, or the US.It's a global pandemic that effects every citizen of planet earth,no matter what nationality or beliefs they hold.

This soldier was beheaded in broad daylight,for what? Because he was a soldier.

People,all people have to realize that an attack of that nature is insanity and pure hatred personified.It was the complete antithisis of rational thinking.

This should serve to remind all of us,that if you see something,say something.

If as a rational being,you see a person or group of people doing something that seems out of the police,the FBI,Scotland yard,call law enforcement right away.It's your duty as a citizen of your country,and it's just the right thing to do,before this or what happened in Boston a month ago,happens in your neck of the woods.

Humans are fairly intuitive creaturers,trust your own.

Steve B.

Steve B

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