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Originally Posted by StickIt View Post
I smoked the last of my pack of cigarettes last night before bed, so I got up a little early and swung by the store to pick some up. While I was in line, I looked at the price I was about to pay....thought about that new kit I'm wanting, and walked out. I am giving up cigarettes today. Been smoking them for about 15 or 16 more. :)
How's that going. Stick? Feeling solid?

I'm glad I quit. As a smoker "quit smoking" is something that's always on the To Do list, always hanging over your head. It's one thing out of the way. I still enjoy smoking though, the feeling of of drawing smoke into my lungs, but not the amounts that nicotine forces on you.

Nicotine was used in high dosages to induce spiritual experiences in Native American shamans. It's a long way from sparking up a cig every half hour for the hell of it.
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