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Default Re: Too Tight... ! Is it??

Who are you tuning for?

1. You
2. un miced at 50 foot away
3. Miced

As tuned needs to be changed for each.

I run 4 Tom's and start at g flat with 3 notes between Tom's. With the 16 floor having the reso an octive higher like Bonham.

Drums don't sound like they do to you to the audience. It's important to get the intival right 3 or 5 notes works but you kit will have an ideal tuning point, play around to find it. Tuning is really important, find the kits sweet spot and you will make the kit sing. Check out how the old jazz swing lads tuned or Bonham, it's not what you may think. I tune really high, g flat, d sharp, c, a
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