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Default Too Tight... ! Is it??


I need some "Specific" advice on tuning, (kinnda rookie :-D ) ....

Here's the way i'm currently tuning my kit...

After FINGER TIGHTENING the heads,

1.) Bass Drum- I tighten each screw on the : Reso to about 4-5 "complete turns" with the DrumKey and the Batter about 2.5 full turns.

2.) Toms - Reso about 3 complete turns and Batter around 1.5 complete turns with respect to the key...

The questions are,

Is this tuning TOO TIGHT, specially considering the Bass Drum?

Can this sort of tuning DAMAGE the Lugs and Hoops??

Is this a Bad way of tuning although i find the sound good?

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