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Default Re: A short clip of the Sound and the Fury ;)

Thanks all for watching so far. There is a side benefit to this gig (because we don't have just one of these show choirs, we actually have four) - it's a bit of a workout - so it's probably helping me keep my girlish figure. For now.

Speaking of the Supra, the one thing I've always dealt with on those old P-85 strainers is the need to constantly adjust them while I'm playing. And going from playing hard to not playing at all sometimes with the kids means the strainer gets flipped on and off probably moreso than on any other gig. And while I pound the drum really hard, the strainer loosens up because I don't start with it at 'choked levels'. Is it just me or does everybody deal with this?

As I consider that I may need louder drums, a set of Gurus may be a good investment for this gig. I'd really like to discover how much louder a 26" Guru bass drum would be now ;)
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