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Default Re: Drum Recording...

Originally Posted by Sjogras View Post
Thanks for the answer. I have a pretty decent computer,

Asus p5q motherboard
4gb pc6400
Intel E7400 2,8ghz clocked to 3,7ghz
Amd radeon 4870 1gb (not relevant I assume, unless the DAW has some really flashy graphic effects ;)

Should be enough for recording 16 channels?

Not going to buy a microphone set though, I'm sure I'll just end up keeping one or two from the set and wanting to sell the others and buy better mics, thus losing money in the long run.
If you only get a mic or two at a time, make sure you get quality mics. Get a basic 4 piece mic set. 2 over heads, snare, bass.
good bass drum mics- Audix D6, AKG D112, Shure Beta 52a
Snare - Shure Sm57 or Audix i5
Overheads- These are your most important purchase. They pick up the sound of the entire kit, the Rode NT2a are a great affordable large diaphragm condenser. But there are tons to choose from.
These 4 mics will be the core of your set up. You'll regret going cheap on these in the future. Hope this helps!
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