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Default Re: About to purchase...thoughts before purchasing?

Originally Posted by porter View Post
I would strongly advise against buying an Oriental China unless you've heard them in person. To my ears, they sound just awful- super heavy for a china, weird profile, and annoying overtones, but I know a few people that do actually like it. It's a very polarizing china and there's no way to know if you'd like it except in person. Check out the Sabian 19" Holy China, 19" AAXtreme, or Meinl Byzance Brilliant 20" and see what you think.
Unfortunately where I live the only music store has pretty much no selection of drum equipment, so I am going off of review and advice.

The reason I chose that China is because of this video:

although now that i look at it again, he has an eighteen inch version, ill change it to that

and I thought it sounded great with that style of drumming, which is most likely what I will be playing.

Thank you for the recommendations though and I will check them out.

Those 19" AAXtreme actually look pretty good, tossing up between the two now
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