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Default A short clip of the Sound and the Fury ;)

Hey all -

I wanted to share some of my live playing that I do with my show choir gig I do here in southern California. I've talked about it before and I usually get the "what are you doin' that for?" reaction from others. Tonight was our last concert of the year for the students and the last time we'd do these shows (before we start up again in September with another group of kids and new shows), so I threw the Zoom Q3 up to see what I actually look like when I do this.

Anyway, think of this as a marching band of sorts. The kids learn a 15-18 minute show, and they take it out to compete against other schools. They sing and dance, and they hire musicians to back them up. In this instance, there's only two of us, me and a keyboard player who's playing two keyboards through a 1,000 watt PA rig for himself. I'm un-mic'd. Some schools have entire orchestras, or small combos. We get away with just the two of us because vocally, I think having too many musicians gets in the way of the choir.

But after editing down the video, I realized one thing: we are literally the only show choir where we start at forte and go beyond. We even play everything alot faster than normal too. So, to be honest, I couldn't play this way for any other show choir, this is more like a rock n' roll gig - any one else we would just bury in the sound. So what you're seeing is a clip from their Beatles medley.

I was using my zep kit here with 15" New Beats, 26" bass drum, and my 24" K Light Ride. And there are alot of spots where I couldn't get loud enough! Forget subtle and musical - this is just outright bashing. It's rather therapeutic. I apologize for the apparent abuse to my beloved 24" ride - but you know it makes a great crash if you hit it hard enough.

So that's why I do it - I get to really play like Animal most of the time, and it's a pretty good check too! It beats having to play for four hours a night, don't you think?

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