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Default Re: Drum Recording...

I was in your shoes 8 months ago. Here is what I did and I love the sound I have.

Get a good interface. Good preamps = good quality
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
$500 (can be found for much less on ebay)
Audix Fp7 A mic pack that gets you all you need for a 5 peice kit.
DAW - I use reaper which is pretty much free.
Monitors- You'll need something to listen to your mixes through accurately. I recommend getting some studio monitors. Look on ebay and you'll find great deals. Stay away from the brand KRK their cheap stuff isn't that great. Yamaha makes a model called the HS80m which is great at $500 a pair. you can find them for a lot less on ebay.

I use all this gear in this video except the monitors I mentioned. You don't have to buy all at once. I have been purchasing my gear over the last year. But always go for quality over quantity.
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