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Default Re: Show Off Your Yamaha....SNARE DRUMS!

Originally Posted by Frank View Post
Anyone ever played one of these?...

I have been tempted a few times - they're very inexpensive. Anybody know what
they sound like?

Yes, I have. I picked up both the 10" and 12" recently. I also have several of the 14" version of that snare.

I clicked with the 10" snare right away. It's got a snappy, sharp sound in the center, with a nice hint of ring further towards the edge.
The 12" took a bit of fiddling to get it to a sound I like. But I haven't changed even heads on either one of them, and they sound more than good enough to use.
Both the smaller snares are excellent values, and well worth the relatively small amount they cost. I got both of them new for under $200.

Here's a pic of the 10,12 and one of the 14's:
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