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Default Re: Drum Recording...

Originally Posted by Sjogras View Post
I'm in the same position here, I plan to purchase a Tascam us-1800 and start off with a bassdrum mic and one overhead to get going and learning the process, then add more mics when I feel like spending more money...
If you have a decent computer, get the TASCAM US-1800 (or 1641 which is the older model), buy a kit of microphones (the CAD set with 7-mics is a great way to start), and don't forget cables and stands. You're looking at around $700-900 start up cost for even the cheapest method into a DAW...heck, I didn't include the cost of the DAW itself. TASCAMs come with CUBASE which is fine to start with. ProTools is going to cost you. Don't forget you'll need a USB key with ProTools as well.

I stick with Sonor Producer Edition 7 (can be found ~$100-150). I can export and anyone can import into ProTools if they so desire.
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