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For anyone who wants to know more about "Nica". There is a terrific book entitled "The
Baroness". Nica was the Great Aunt of the author, Hannah Rothschild. It is not only a look
into Nica's life but it is a rare glimpse into the the lives of the Rothschilds and their empire.
Hannah met with Nica on several occasions and also with family elders along with great jazz artists in researching this work. A great addition to any jazz library.

If anyone reading this is new to Nica, she came from great wealth and spent her life helping some of the greatest jazz musicians in NYC. She bought Art Blakey a car. Charlie Parker
died in her penthouse apartment etc. For me, this book was hard to put down.
I will definitely be reading this

the Monk song Pannonica was written for the Baroness ...among many other tunes by many jazz artists

she also appears in the movie Straight No Chaser

you can't write the history of jazz music without mentioning her multiple times
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