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Default Re: New Club Date club member!

I just bought these and got them in the mail yesterday. Seems there aren't many left. Ludwig is apparently doing another run in Fall 2013, but not in blue oyster.

Bearing edges, great. Wrap finish, gorgeous. Lugs/rods, good.

One major flaw. The bass drum hoops are total garbage. They look great, but are so flimsy I can't tune the heads and get any resonance out of them, the hoops pull out of round and won't conform the head to the bearing edge evenly. If you run your finger around the hoop edge where it meets the collar of the head you can feel where they pull out of round with tension. Very bummed that I have to drop an extra $100 new ones, but I had this problem with the Gretsch Club Catalina that I bought years ago (20x20) kick. I think that's a risk with import kits.

Other than that, the toms sound great - they tuned up quite nicely, even with the stock heads (some Chinese low-grade Evans single ply). I got some coated ambassadors.
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