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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
No disagreement on your point here, DMC, but we are getting into a very broad and deep discussion here, perhaps better had over a drink.
My point, very simply, is that the media's tendency to ID a 'monster' by race or religious persuasion, is often misunderstood by most people on either side the debate and creates more friction than neccesary.

The answers are always beneath the surface, but 'breaking news' never seems to have the time for that. All thats left then, is just a lot of hate. That saddens me.

Agreed, it's always good to be on guard against any kind of -ism. But when the people doing evil tell you repeatedly why they are doing evil - if they stand in front of a camera with blood on their hands and explain it to you - at some point, you should take the evildoers at their word.
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