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Default Re: 7 piece Sonor 3007 with Sabian cymbals

Originally Posted by DrummerBoy95 View Post
How does that 3 point ride sound?
Nice and crisp stick attack, very dark, the bell sound is perfect, but it's tiny!

Originally Posted by Edgar Stein View Post
have you tried placing the slave pedal on the left of the hi-hat? Allows for gettting the HH closer to the snare. Billy Ward uses his this way, and I have mine on the outside too. But I'm not a metal player and don't use it that much.
I actually tried that, but the link wasn't long enough! Nonetheless, I like how the current setting feels. The urge to move the hi-hat closer to the snare came from a long time of playing single pedal only, but as I put the slave pedal back one day and realized my double bass playing had gone disastrous I decided to start practicing again, thus having to compromise a bit.

I don't see myself as a metal drummer either, I never play straight 16ths or 32nds, but it's really useful for fills.
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