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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Interesting debate here.

The trouble with the US and its gun legislation is the fact that the general public have the right to 'bear arms' as well as the law enforcement. Which means there is a LOT of guns about. There are guns in the UK, but very little in the grand scheme of things. I do believe that our police should carry guns and keep the law about citizens the same. Those that want to carry guns illegally already do so and I honestly think the number would not rise much with the introduction of Law Enforcement arming.

Most European countries operate in this fashion and it works great. The fact is, there is a different attitude to guns over here compared to the States and it would work differently.

As for the beheading of a British citizen on our own streets, it is essentially bringing war to our front door. The liberals among us may disagree with this next statement but everyone I've spoken to it about (I work in the supply industry and spend a lot of time 'chatting' to people of all ages and races - including Muslims) believe that this is the time to say that enough is enough, shut the borders, declare emergency and scoop up all the extremists, immigrant criminals and people that don't deserve to be here and ship them back to the rat-pit countries they belong too!

I probably spoke to upwards of 60-70 people about this over the last 2 days and EVERY SINGLE ONE agreed that that is the logical step. Even one very 'vocal' Pakistani Muslim customer of mine was FUMING and calling for them to hang - and even said he was 'sick of this country filling up with lunatics'

We are an island and we have the ability, just our government are too soft to do anything affirmative. Th European Court Of Human Rights needs to be abolished due to systematic corruption and misguided loyalties. But then again, I think anyone who breaks the law loses all rights to any rights the moment they break the law.
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