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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by zarrdoss View Post
My point is that you were safer when you had the right to defend yourselves.
So how safe were 13 military personnel at Fort Hood? Men taken out by a man who was considered to be one of their own? All the guns on the barracks couldn't save them could they?
Looking a little further afield, what about several thousand office workers in Manhattan high rises? On the day, there's not a gun in existence that could have solved that problem.
And although not terror related it still lends itself to the "wouldn't happen in the States because we have a right to defend" argument. What about 20 odd children at Sandy Hook? They all had a right to defend themselves did those around them that managed to survive. Yet it didn't work out too well for any of them though did it?

Again, this is neither pro nor anti's just pro common sense. Sometimes, the right to wave guns around counts for very little at all. It's no guaranteed deterrent and certainly no guaranteed solution.