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Default Re: "Get Lucky" - John JR Robinson with Daft Punk

Yeah, I'm not hearing anything particularly special about this groove, I've been jamming to it recently as well, when the vocoder part comes in it get's a bit more exciting...

The drumming on Giorgio by Moroder is exciting though, tight groove on that track, if that is Omar, hat's off.

I just want to know what kind of mic they're using on the hats on this album. Seriously.
I wonder if they did a similar thing to what they did with the interview with Giorgio that appears in his aptly named song, They put a range of microphones from 1960 til Today and recorded on them all, you can hear about 1 fairly big change, but even the engineer made the comment that not a lot of people would be able to hear the difference, but that didn't bother Daft Punk.
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