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Default What's your favorite Single Pedal? I need some help!

Hey everyone! this is my first post in this forum. I have been gleaning for some time and i finally decided to join. Any way on to the question.

I have been playing with an old school DW 5000 for almost 9 years now. I'm talking the ones with the single chain drive. its finally started to fall apart, and every time i play it, it feels like a medieval catapult. My doubles are near impossible now, and no amount of adjusting has helped it. its on its death bed. :(

So i'm looking for a pedal in the 150-200 US $ range. Chain drive, and good for heel up style. Power and speed are good, but not if deteres the magical feel between me and bass drum. I will try out several models at a store, but the test of time is the best judge of gear.

So whats your FAVORITE (not best) single pedal you've owned? please skip the whole "nothing is best" routine, as I am well aware that no piece of gear reigns supreme, and its all subjective.

Also, whats is your guys' opinion on buying used pedals?

(woops, not my first post, but it has been awhile. sorry!)

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