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Default Yamaha DS-550 light throne

Hey all!

I just wanted to report in on this. So far, me and my zep kit are currently embroiled in some long concerts which started yesterday with school concerts running from 8AM to 2:30PM, and then I had to break down and get the drums to my other school for a rehearsal that lasted from 3:30 to 9PM. So the drums were set up all day, with me playing for about 10.5 hours. Tonight I had a concert with the kids that had me playing for a solid 3 hours, and tomorrow we do the same thing, with a matinee at 2PM, and then a night show at 7PM. So another solid 6 hours of playing.

As of now, my Yamaha DS-550 throne is holding up! It's not a spindel-adjustment throne, just a knurled pipe with a memory lock to keep the height set in the right place. And I'm playing pretty hard and flying on and off the throne. It's basically being subjected to what my DW heavy duty throne would be subjected to - but for way more consecutive hours!

I should post of video of actually how hard I play with these kids - that throne is basically being used hard. I'm not surprised it's holding up, and it just may break on me at some inopportune time, but I'm sold on this lightweight throne. Just thought some of you in the market for a new light throne might be interested. I bought mine for $45 on eBay.
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