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Default Re: Brand new Ludwig my heads really suck?

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No, the Ludwig mediums are 7 mil (Diplomat) and the heavies are 10 mil (Ambassador).
I did some drum head thickness measurements tonight. I measured the Ludwig "Medium" heads in both clear and coated and also Remo Ambassador clear and coated. What I found was the Ludwig "Medium" clear head measured about 7.5 mils, where as their coated medium head measured just shy of 10 mils. Incredible, this means that their coatings are in the ball park of 2.5 mils. No wonder that most of them supplied with my kit sounded a bit dead to me and very inconsistent. The Ambassador clear heads were about 10 mils thick and their coated heads were only about .5 mils thicker. I see a potential reason why many people have problems with their coating wearing prematurely. I'll check Ludwigs "Heavy" heads when I'm able to get a hold of one just for grins and giggles.

I should have checked some Evans G1 heads but ran out of time.

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