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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
So am I, and I am equally concerned about the hardline backlash. I firmly believe that moderation is the best way to defeat extremism.

What he said.
Moderation may only embolden evil people. Brits may remember Chamberlain in that regard. As for backlash, I am waiting for people to attack Muslim embassies, behead Muslims, call or the murder of Muslims and so on. So far, the people of Britain have reacted with more or less restraint. Scale, scope, frequency and savagery are among reasonable factors to consider.

Anyone who has emigrated from another nation must adopt, believe in and practice the cultural norms of that nation. In the case of mature, stable, tolerant democracies like England, that means any immigrant who protests against the government/society, advocates for the beheading of homosexuals/critics/other religions/etc. should immediately and courteously be expelled to the land from which they came. Anyone seeking to immigrate should sign a declaration saying they will seek gainful employment and conform to the cultural norms and expectations of a liberal democracy, they will abide by its laws, and they will be subject to expulsion if they disagree. I don't at all fault the Muslim nations for practicing this very equivalent thing. Every nation should.
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